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Dash Clear View Toaster - Review

Sometimes we are moving forward so fast that it takes us time to improve really old ideas. We must admit that although the product we are about to show you has been around for awhile, it should have come way sooner. We are talking about the Dash Clear View Toaster.

Before moving forward, we would like to mention this product belong to the Dash company which has many different nice products in affordable prices which we will cover up in the future.

Let’s get back to our business. So obviously it’s only a toaster, but the fact the toaster body is look-through changes the whole game, because you now know when the bread has reached to your favorite desired level of crust. In addition, toaster has 7 level browning control and auto-shut off, this toaster have an extra wide slot for thicker bread of your choice.

It can handle 2 slices of bread and it also has a defrost feature if you need it, and even a button for Bagel. Just don’t forget the Salmon and Cheese.

Cleaning is always an important part when buying a new product as we all clean our houses. This toaster has a slide out crumb tray and glass panel for easy cleaning which also makes it a really good choice for you bread lovers & clean lovers at once.

The price for this toaster is very competitive and we preferred the red color one, but you can choose between a black one and a white one that as of today will cost you a bit less, but anyway you look at it, this toaster belongs to our favorite value for money category.

If you are looking for a good cheap toaster, we think you’ve found one.

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