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Miyabi Santoku 600D - Knife by ZWILLING Henckels - Review

This knife is the perfect all-around knife for the more advanced home cook. In this review, I will go over the different elements of the knife as well as share my own experience of using it for the different tasks.

We will start of by reminding that the Miyabi collection and knives are part of the famous ZWILLING group. All Miyabi knives are manufactured in the traditional Japanese ancient masters’ way. They are produced in the ZWILLING factory in Japan and design by Japanese. There are Japanese works of art.

Let’s start the review with the most interesting part of the knife, the blade. The Miyabi Santoku 600D knife has a 7-inch blade. The core is made of CMV60 powder steel and is surrounded by 64 layers of two different types of steel with different level of hardness. The blade is hardened using a special process that involves ice-hardening at -196 Degrees Celsius. The blade has a beautiful Damask pattern which makes the knife as beautiful as efficient.

The blade is ultra-sharp thanks to the traditional Japanese Honbazuke honing, and will remain sharp for long time as long as taken care and used properly.

The knife handle is a western inspired design, three-rivet handle with a red line made of corrosion-resistant material. It ensures a good balance and a very comfortable grip and use.

These were the technical details and now let’s go over to the more practical part of this review.

As mentioned at the start this Santoku knife is not for everyone and the less savvy cook perhaps will find it a bit daunting and uneasy to use beacsue of its sharpness. The more knowledgably and experience cook will make the most of this amazing tool.

It will cut, slice, dice and chop everything to perfection, the handle feels very good on the hand and the knife will handle any task with comfort and ease.

The starting price of this knife is not cheap, but as mentioned above, it combines beauty with efficiency, a mixture of German and Japanese precision and style. If you like cooking and looking for a good all-around knife, look no further than the Miyabi Santoku 600D.

If the price or the specification are not for you, then take a look at a wide range of Santoku knives and get one today.

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