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Russell Hobbs 21350 Mix and Go Blender Review

Almost everything and anything was already said about how breakfast is the most important meal of the entire day. For us, the Russell Hobbs Mix and Go Blender (or how we call it - smoothie maker) is a must-have complementary kitchen accessory. In this review, we will be writing why we like it so much.

Let’s speak about how it looks visually before getting into more depth: The Russell Hobbs 21350 Mix and Go Blender is small device so it won’t require a lot of space in your kitchen. It is very clean and smooth and in a way it looks very elegant and fits in our opinion to most of the kitchens out there.

What you’ll get in the box:

x1 Russell Hobbs 21350 Mix and Go Blender Machine

x1 Blade unit

x2 600ml Blending bottles

x2 Bottle caps

Easy installation - in fact, there is not much to install when you unbox the Russell Hobbs Mix and Go Blender. Just to get familiar with the parts with the intuitive interface of the machine.

Simplicity - as we mentioned, there is almost nothing to do besides understand how it all works: You take the blending bottles and you fill it with whatever you like: vegetables, fruits, ice, water, milk, etc. You screw on the blade unit and with an easy twist on the base the machine starts preparing your personal smoothie in just seconds. If you are in a hurry - don’t worry - Russells Hobbs gave it a thought and the blending bottles come with a cap you can screw on top and take it away with you.

A tip from us to you - you can chop your favorite ingredients ahead of time so you won’t have to deal with it in the mornings. We think it makes things a bit quicker.

The size of the bottles is a standard one, and it fits to your cup/bottle holder in your car. In addition, the blending bottles are dishwasher friendly, so you should not expect any problem washing them.

The bottom line is this - go and buy it. Our mornings are not the same anymore since we started having our favorite freshly made smoothie every day. Don’t underestimate your breakfast. It’s easy, and with a good price tag there is not a real reason to wait.

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