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Safety In the Kitchen

Cooking is a nice activity. It involves fun, creativity and it’s tasty. Saying that, you should remember that your kitchen will always be a place with dangerous spots and tools. In the following article we’ll give you examples of areas and tools which you should pay attention more than usual and in general we will try to deliver the important message: safety first.

Let’s start by tools:

The most basic tool which we all have is a knife. Different knives for different purposes are available on the market like:

Paring Knife - Small, light and versatile kitchen knife that usually used to peel, garnish and cut vegetables and fruits.

Fillet Knife - Usually very flexible and narrow blades - Ideal for boning or skinning.

Santoku Knife - Japanese cook's knife - Great for chopping

Chef Knife - The one knife every chef or home cook should have, an essential in any kitchen.

The common thing for all of them is that they are sharp and you can easily cut and injure yourself. Sometimes it can get really bad. So please, be aware to the knife you are using. Learn how to hold it, know how sharp it is and understand what its purpose. Don’t use a butcher knife to chop vegetables. These companies know what they are doing.

Another example is the kitchen machinery: The stove or the oven can be a dangerous spots in the kitchen. Some people forget to turn them off, some people forget they could be still (very) hot even if they are turned off and some people just don’t use the right accessories for that like the right oven mitts or the right pot holders. Also smaller devices could be lethal, if you use a kitchen torch, make sure to keep it away from wooden material and your body. Also, for example, make sure there’s no gas in the air or a strong wind.

Finally, make sure to keep everything in it’s place and make sure your kitchen is organized. If you don’t have a knife holder, maybe you should consider getting one and also make sure your kitchen machinery is in a good condition and stored properly.

To summarize - your kitchen could be a very fun place, but at the same time could be very dangerous. Don’t underestimate the equipment around it and always remember - whatever you do in your kitchen - safety first. You can always make sure you have a first aid kit somewhere nearby in case of an emergency.

We hope we helped you a bit and remember - these are general guidelines and you should always read the instructions of every tool or machinery you buy.


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