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Sous Vide – The Future of Cooking – A Short Guide

What is Sous vide? Sous vide is a cooking technique that produces perfect results each time just like the professional chefs. It is a cooking technique that uses precise temperatures to control the desired outcome.

In this cooking method, the food is vacuum sealed in a plastic bag and then placed in a water container in a specific pre-determined temperature, to ensure consistent results each time. The meaning of sous vide in French is ‘under vacuum’ and this special technique that was used in professional kitchens is now available to all.

Nowadays it’s possible and easy for anyone to start using this great cooking method and produce impressive results each time. You will be able to get consistent results each time if the instructions are followed and everything has been set up properly.

You will have complete control on the outcome, if you would like to cook your steak to a specific level it will become an easy task once you learn how to use it. The food will taste great each time you use it and will retain moisture and juices that are sometimes lost when cooking in other methods.

What once has been available only in large, professional kitchens is now available for us all and with affordable prices. All you need to do is get a sous vide cooking device, some resealable plastic bags or jars and a container for water (any large pot or container will do) and you are ready to go.

There are different devices for different needs, we decided to focus on the smaller home use devices that will produce great results for the home environment (less for large commercial kitchens).

The more sophisticated devices will have a mobile app to help you control the device as well as guide you on your cooking journey and show specific recipes. One of the better devices available is the Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker, another device we highly recommend is the ChefSteps Joule.

If you want to invest a bit less but still looking for great results you can check some more options such as the Gramercy Kitchen Co Sous Vide Immersions Circulator Precision Cooker, the Chefman Sous Vide Precision Cooker and the Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker, all are about the same price range.

Don’t forget you will need to get some extra accessories such as resealable bags, or canning jars, some anchors to hold the plastic bag firm when placing it in the water container and perhaps some water containers as well if you are looking to use it often and don’t want to use any other container you got at your disposal.

Here, at Everything Kitchen Gadgets we believe cooking should be fun as well as experimental and what’s better than trying new cooking methods and using some new fancy gadgets? Get your Sous vide device today and impress your family and friends with amazing food.

Don’t forget to read the instructions carefully and follow the recipes to ensure you get the desired outcome.

Have fun!

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