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Top 10 Cocktail Accessories

We are back with our ‘Top 10 List’ of our favorite kitchen gadgets and this time we decided to focus on the top 10 accessories you must have to produce the best cocktails. Who doesn’t like a good cocktail while hosting a dinner party or having a Sunday BBQ with the family and friends?

We will start our list with a simple tool, but a classic one:

10. The SipWell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are a great addition to any cocktails party. Who doesn’t like to feel special and sip their drink using a stainless-steel straw rather than a cheap plastic one? The straws are dishwasher safe and are rust and scratch proof. You will look classy and also help the environment all at once. Everybody is a winner!

9. Many cocktails requires mashing up some lemons, limes or herbs, and we’ve got the right tool for you. The Rösle Stainless Steel 9.5-ince Long Fruit Muddle is the perfect tool for the job. Feel like making a nice Caiprinha? This tool will make the job as easy as pouring a glass of water. German engineering and design makes this tool look good as well as preform. The pestle is used to press citrus fruits easily inside cocktail glasses. Round handle, which is ideal for left or right-handed use.

8. The next item is more suitable for the traveler rather than the home user. The Carry on Cocktail Kit – The Old Fashioned is an ideal gift for your traveler friend. The small kit includes a recipe card, aromatic bitters, cane sugar and a spoon/muddler.

7. No body like a glass of Whisky to be diluted by ice cubes – is there a solution? Now there is a perfect solution that looks good as well. The Whisky Stones Drinking Rocks are the answer. These reusable granite chilling rocks are perfect for liquor, wine and any other beverage. Enjoy the taste of your whisky as it was intended and don’t ruin the strength of any of your beverages by adding ice cubes. Try these granite chilling rocks and you won’t be disappointed.

6. The Chef’s Star 6 Piece Copper Bar Tools Set is the ideal set. It looks great and provides a unique drinking experience. Your guests will be impressed when you will serve them their favorite cocktail in one of these Moscow Mule Mugs. The set consist of 2 mugs, 2 shot glasses, a shaker and a pitcher. Get yours today.

5. The Rösle Long Bar Spoon is an ideal tool for making cocktails. It is perfect for making long drinks and cocktails and with its German design it will fit perfectly in any cocktails accessory collection. The tip of the handle can be used as a pestle or for stirring.

4. The VonShef Premium Copper French Cocktail set is the perfect set for any cocktail lover. The set includes a shaker, twisted bar spoon/fork, Hawthorne Strainer, measuring jigger and a muddler. You will make cocktails like a professional mixologist and impress your guests. The set comes with a recipe book to help you get the best results. It is great as a gift for someone’s birthday or as a holiday gift.

3. We’ve mentioned the small carry-on Old-Fashioned Kit earlier, but it doesn’t come close to this proper Old Fashioned Cocktail Gift Kit. This amazing set comes in a wooden crate and includes 2 Libbey Vibe double rocks old fashioned glasses., 2 bottles of bitters, 1 stainless steel muddler, Tovolo ice sphere mold and a Fox Run garnishing tool. This is the perfect gift for men.

2. The next item on our list is a special item that you don’t see very often. The Porthole Infuser from Crucial Detail is a simple and beautiful infusion vessel. It can be used to create amazing cocktails as well as be used to make oils, teas, dressings and much more. This piece was originally created as custom piece for the bar chefs at the aviary in Chicago. It’s made from tempered glass, stainless-steel and silicone and holds 13 ounces of liquid. Another important addition is that it’s dishwasher safe which mean you can keep it clean when not in used.

1. Ok, we are at the top of the list and we must be honest and admit the next item is one of our personal favorites here at the Everything Kitchen Gadgets HQ. We just love our Gin & Tonic here and we love trying new flavors and experimenting with different combinations and tastes. The Gin and Tonic 10 Spices Kit is the perfect gift to anyone who loves Gin & Tonic. The box includes 10 gin flavoring spices like: Juniper Berries, cardamom, hibiscus flower, rose petals and more, it also comes with a long mixing spoon. If you never tried a glass of Gin & Tonic with anything but lemon, you owe it to yourself. Ideal for a gift got one of your loved ones or just buy it for yourself, the satisfaction it guaranteed and you won’t regret it. The only downside, is that from now on, most G&T that you will drink out of your house will not be as good as the ones you make.

Cheers and drink responsibly.

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