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Top 10 Kettles

Welcome to our top 10 list of the different kitchen products we all need to have. Today we will go over and review the best kettles, because for most of us, coffee is one of the first things we do every day.

It’s important to remember that each product has its benefits and each person has different preferences. Our aim is to help you find the best gadgets for your everyday use as well as find some special items.

Please feel free to comment below and add your own ideas and suggestions, at the end of the day, a happy chef is a happy person.

We will start our top 10 list with a classic selection:

10. Ovente 1.7L Cordless Electric Kettle - It’s all said and done already just by looking at this classic electric cordless kettle. We have all seen one: great agronomic design, easy to clean and even comes in 5 different colors - White, Green, Brown, Baby Pink and Pink. With a low price tag, it should be a no brainer for those of you who look for a cheap classic cordless electric kettle.

9. Hamilton Beach 1L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle - We at Everything Kitchen Gadgets believe that everything should be practical, but if we can get in addition some beauty - then we are all in. The Hamilton Beach 1L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle brings all the basic we need in an electric cordless electric kettle, but with a bit more style. The stainless steel adds a new level of class to something we use everyday. Hamilton are known for making high quality products, and no doubt - this is one of them only for a low price.

8. Royal Electric Kettle 1.7L - Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to raise the bar. If you want a premium kettle with a different style, let us present you the Royal Electric Kettle. As you can see in the image, it’s entire body is transparent. Now you can see the party which is going on inside your kettle. This kettle is super elegant, it has a power light indicator and you can easily clean this kettle thoroughly after each use. Did we say already how neat this kettle is?

7. Ovente Glass Electric Kettle with Temp Control 1.8L - Look, we can tell you all day long about how good looking this kettle looks and how cool this kettle is because of his transparent body, 9 different colors you can choose and the lights it does, but really, we will just waste your time because the main feature of this kettle - it has a temperature control because green tea and coffee should be served in different temperature. In addition, each temperature has its own color: 212F/100C (Red), 140F/60C (Green), 158F/70C (Blue), 176F/80C (Yellow), 194F/90C (Purple). It’s time to take control over your coffee.

6. Bonavita Gooseneck 1.0L Electric Kettle - Look at this kettle and it’s a time machine. Classy kettle, quick heating, real time temperature display and heat and hold at desired temperature for up to 60 minutes. It’s a mixture of old and modern in one piece, and look at this sexy gooseneck. We had a meeting here at Everything Kitchen Gadgets and we ended up with a decision - there is no kitchen on this planet which this kettle can’t blend in. The price tag is a little bit more expensive, but you do get quality and fashion to your coffee and kitchen.

5. Secura The Original Electric Kettle 1.8L - Sometimes, all we want is something basic with a good quality. The Scura Electric Cordless Electric Kettle is just that. A kettle with 100% Stainless Steel Interior plus no plastic in contact with hot water. Safe Healthy Drinking Water is just around the corner. Beautiful design and a dark black color always looks nice. We can only recommend on this kettle.

4. Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7L - The reason this kettle is on this list is due to its popularity (we liked it as well). We don’t have much to say about this fantastic kettle. It’s a classic simple kettle that does the job with a great design and look. There are 2 colors available: Red and White. We prefer the red one, although the price tag of both of them is quite similar.

3. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7L - Let’s push the envelop a bit more. When it comes to our coffee and it, it is important to have the right temperature. The Cuisnart CPK-17 offers exactly that and even more. 6 preset heat settings for steeping tea at just the right temperature, blue LED indicator, 30-minute keep warm feature and a 2-minute memory function. This is a true kitchen gadget. It might not be for you if you are looking for a cheap kettle but this kettle truly delivers.

2. Aicok Electric Kettle 1.7L - The Aicok Electric Kettle comes with very practical feature we have seen before. It has a temperature control feature so you can choose between 6 preset heat settings and it can keep the water inside the kettle warm for up to 2 hours which we really liked about it. Another thing we like about this kettle is the very clean stainless steel design, and the most important thing we liked about this kettle is the price tag - Understood?

1. Nostalgia RWK150 Retro Series 1.7L - In the beginning, this kettle was not suppose to appear on this list, but there’s something different about this one. We just couldn’t resist to its retro look and feel. The temperature gauge really got us, the sleek and stylish stainless steel body and chrome handle also had an effect on our decision to include it in this article and it’s not expensive with a relatively low price tag , so why not? We are pretty sure this kettle will upgrade your kitchen accessories.

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