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Top 10 Sous Vide Machines

Welcome back to our ‘Top 10’ list of the best kitchen gadgets around, this time we decided to focus on one of the trendiest gadgets around. If you haven’t heard of sous vide cooking by now you should go ahead and read about it.

This is our Top 10 sous vide home cooking machines and devices. We all started hearing about sous vide cooking recently and since we already wrote about this trend some time ago, we figured it’s a good time to check some of these sous vide machines

Let’s start off with a simple machine that is ideal for home use:

10. The Magic Mill 9 Qt Sous Vide machine is a great entry level machine for anyone who wants to start but not sure where to begin and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on the machine. It will enable you to cook and create stunning meat, poultry and fish dishes in a top restaurant level and style. It has a great size, that will allow you to cook for the whole family and has temperature settings that ranges between 115 – 195 F. A great buy that looks good as well as performs.

9. The next device is smaller and requires less storage place than the previous machine. The Kitchen Gizmo Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is another great choice if you want to start producing stunning results in the kitchen and impress your friends and family. Very easy to use, reliable and quiet are just some of the main benefits of this great gadget. All you need is a pot or a vessel that can hold water and you are good to go, the temperature can reach up to 194 F. A cookbook with some great sous vide recipes are also included to ensure your success. Get yours today and don’t stay behind on the hottest trend in the kitchen.

8. The next sous vice device is also relatively small, and can be used with any pot or water vessel. Chefman Sous Vide Precision Cooker is our next choice on the list, it has a clear digital timer display that shows all the necessary info and carries a powerful 1000-Watt motor. Achieve amazing and precise result every time you cook. It has a 360-directional pump and a touch LCD screen. This machine includes an app for your benefit and includes step-by-step recipes to ensure you get the desired results each time.

7. The Gourmia GSV140 Immersions Sous Vide 2nd Generation Circulator Precision Cooker is a bit pricier than the previous machines we’ve seen but still a great buy. Powerful motor of 1200-watt, as well as its ease of use makes it one of the best tools around. It will clip easily on almost any pot or vessel, it is simple to use with just a click of a button. A very reliable and accurate device, exclusive active control thermostat incorporates precision temperature settings. The Pod pumps up to 2.1 gallons per minute, circulating heated water to the exact degree to guarantee your success and satisfaction. A recipe book is included to help you get started and inspire you to create amazing food. Get yours today.

6. The Gramercy Kitchen Co Sous Vide Immersion Precision Cooker is another great choice, with a great price point, you can’t really go wrong with this device. Simple to use with a great digital display that will let you monitor your progress without guessing. Easy to store once not in used and clips on almost any pot, has a temperature range of 104-194 F and operating in near silence. Achieve amazing results whether you cook meat, fish, chicken or anything else and impress your family and friends.

5. Here we have another entry by Gourmia that we’ve seen earlier, but this time it’s with the GMC650R 11-in-1 Sous Vide and Multi Cooker. You can choose from 11 cooking functions for all your kitchen needs which include besides sous vide, roasting, slow cooking, rice cooking and much more. Very quick and easy to use, it will allow you to make delicious home cooked meals every time.

4. We are getting closer to the top of our list and at number 4 we have another small machine that produces big results. The Sous Vide Precision Cooking Machine by Belle Cuisson carries a powerful 1100-watt motor that heats the water quickly and accurately. A LED display with touch sensors makes it easy to read and operate. Will clip to any pot or water container for easy and comfortable use. The temperature ranges between 32 – 194 F and the heating body is made from stainless-steel for long usage. Achieve amazing results each time you cook and impress your loved ones with stunning home cooked dishes.

3. The Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker is one of the best machines in the market, especially with its great price point. It has a digital control panel which controls the temperature which ranges between 77 – 211.8 F and time control of up to 99 hrs. It is extremely easy to use and will clip to any pot or water container at your disposal which means no need to spend extra money on other tools or containers. It has a stainless-steel sleeve which mean it’s easy to clean and maintain and it will last longer if taken care of properly. It is quiet, nicely designed and easy to operate and produce stunning results each time. Prepare your best home cooked dishes with this amazing machine and impress everyone around each time.

2. We are nearly on the top of our list and in this position, we find the ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide machine. The smallest, sleekest tool available at just 11 inches tall and 1.1 pound with beautiful design. Don’t let the small size fool you, it has a powerful 1100-watt motor to ensure quick water heating to the exact temperature required to produce stunning results. It is WIFI and Bluetooth ready and will connect to any iPhone or Android to help while cooking, an additional app is available that will display exactly how food cooks. A sleek, beautiful design, small with a powerful motor that will produce great results each time, why look any further? Get yours today and enjoy cooking.

1. If you are familiar with sous vide machines and devices, we are sure you won’t be surprised to find the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker 2nd Generation on the top of our list. It is WIFI and Bluetooth ready and will work your iPhone and Android devices to ensure amazing and stunning results each time. The device is extremely easy to use, attach it to any pot or water container and start cooking restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of your home. You can control the device and settings directly from the device or use the dedicated Anova Culinary app. The perfect sous vide machine for all your home cooking needs, don’t wait any longer and join the trend. Start producing healthy, tasty, impressive restaurant quality dishes regularly, get yours today!

We hope you found the list useful, and as always, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and let us know if you think we’ve missed any other cool device or tool.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

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