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Top 10 Wine Accessories

Welcome back to our ‘Top 10’ list of our favorite kitchen gadgets, tools and equipment. This time we decided to focus on one of our favorite areas of the kitchen, and we are not necessarily talking about cooking.

Today we will go over our Top 10 wine accessories, because who doesn’t like a nice glass of wine while cooking and even more so while eating.

It’s important to remember that each product has its benefits and each person has different preferences. Our aim is to help you find the best gadgets for your everyday use as well as find some special items.

Please feel free to comment below and add your own ideas and suggestions, at the end of the day, a happy chef is a happy person.

Let’s get started and the first item on our list is a great party item:

10. We have all been there, we are at a party and we place our wine glass on the table, now the next time we want to grab it and drink, we see there are 2 more glasses on the same table, now which one is ours? This NPW Drinking Buddies Cocktail and Wine Glass Markers solve this exact problem, this great little item will mark our glass and will ensure we don’t face this ‘problem’ again. There are different characters and designs, so get the best on for or a s present for your friends.

9. Who doesn’t like a nice glass of a cold drink in a hot summer day while having a great family event or a party? We know the next item is not necessarily only for the wine lovers among us but we thought it’s a good addition to the list. The Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid and Stainless Ice Scoop will keep your ice cubes frozen and clean at social gathering and we know how important this is.

8. To enjoy a good glass of wine, whether it’s while cooking, eating or just having a nice drink with a good friend we first need to open the bottle. The Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup is a great choice. This professional grade natural rosewood all-in-one corkscrew opener and foil cutter is the best choice for the job and offers a great value.

7. Ok, we got the bottle opened and now it’s time to pour a nice glass of our favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, all you need to do next is wait a pour the wine. The Baen Sendi Wine Aerator Pourer will save you time and a messy tablecloth. Attach it to the wine bottle and start pouring straight away, no need to wait for a long time, the Wine Aerator Pourer has a system that infuse the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen as well as keeping your tablecloth clean, since it has a strong sealing that ensures no leakage. Get yours and enjoy a nice glass of your favorite wine.

6. Wine drinking can be fun, but it can be even better when drinking from a nice glass. The Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glass - 18 ounce will make your wine taste even better and enhance the experience. This exclusive Star Glass made wine glasses are made in Italy and will add beauty to your parties and gathering with friends. The wine glass has a stout bulb shape that is comfortable to hold as well as allowing the red wine to breath enhancing its flavors. Dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean, if you want to enjoy a good glass of wine, how about start with a nice glass?

5. We mentioned another corkscrew earlier on the list and this time we have a different one that is ranked higher on our top 10 list. The HQY Best Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew is a great gadget that will make your life easier, you can open your wine bottle with one fluid motion. Who doesn’t like making is live easier? This product will do just that.

4. Sometimes we open a bottle of wine but we don’t finish it in one seating, what do we do next? The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Pump will remove the air from your bottle and allow you to extend the lifetime of your open wine up to a week. It’s suitable for both red and white wines and comes with 2 Vacuum bottle stoppers. The seal slows down the oxidation process and will keep the wine tasting new for up to a week. Don’t waste good wine just because the bottle is open, seal it, keep it and drink it.

3. We know some of us are used to drinking wine from the classic shaped wine glass, but we feel it’s very nice to mix it and use other glasses at times, as every glass has its occasion. The next item on our list is the Chef’s Star 15-ounce Stemless Wine Glass Set – We must be honest, and admit we love these glasses. These glasses are ideal for everyday use as well as special occasions, great design with a stemless base for stability will ensure everything stays inside the glass. A comfortable grip with a classy look, this is a great present for any wine lover. The low price point and the high quality makes it a great item which proves value for money still exists.

2. We are getting near the top of our top 10 list of wine accessories, and on number 2 we have an item that will look great in kitchen or any common area in your house. The Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack will allow you to show off the best 8 wine bottle you have. The wine rack is stylish and contemporary and the bottles are stored horizontally, keeping the corks moist which helps the wine stay fresh for longer. Easy to clean and an overall great addition to any wine lover collection. Get yours today and show off your wines.

1. The number 1 on our top 10 list is a worthy winner in our eyes and a great gadget. The Coravin Model Two Plus Pack is the best wine accessory since wine was actually first produced. The best in class wine system keep you wine safe from oxidation. An Argon gas that is inserted to the wine is the same used in the wine making process. Easy to use and pour and the clamps with grips makes it easy to attach to any standard bottle. The non-coring, faster pouring needle allows access to wine without cork damage, meaning you can enjoy a small glass of your favorite wine without the need to finish the bottle or damaging the wine. You can get extra Argon gas capsules separately and they come in packs of 2. If you love wine, and own a nice collection, this gadget is made for you, drink any glass of wine when you desire without the hassle and worries about finishing the bottle.

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